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Outfits With Leg Warmers

Um yes, leg warmers, one of my favorites! Just for a little background on leg warmers to start. Outfits with leg warmers were a popular, bright, crazy trend in the 80′s, they were worn to add a pop of color…

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Kimono Sleeve

You may find yourself wondering what a Kimono Sleeve is, right? Kimono Sleeves have been around for centuries and are becoming a huge thing in today’s fashion industry. There are a ton of different types of garments that implement Kimono…

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Summer Sweaters For Women

If you are like me, than you definitely do not like being miserably hot during the Summer months. This is why I usually do not wear sweaters during the Summer. This upcoming year though I plan to change things up…

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How to Restyle Old Clothes

Restyling old clothes is an awesome idea. In fact, a lot of you may not even realize you are restyling your old clothes by cutting a sleeve or similar. It is an awesome way to get thrifty and get stylish,…

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How to Wear Leggings

Surprisingly, a lot of woman find themselves asking people how to wear leggings. I totally agree with the question. There is literally a million ways to wear leggings, but which way is right for you? Below is a list of…

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